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Owned by Vinyl Pressing Plants

Operated by Electroforming Pros

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Lacquer silvering
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Nickel metal
Matrix finishing
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About Us

Matrisfabrik AB manufactures stampers for pressing vinyl records.

  • Owned by vinyl pressing plants
  • Operated by electroforming professionals
  • State of the art equipment line from Sibert Instruments

Our team has over 20 years of professional experience in plating and nickel electroforming. Located close to an international airport hub in Finland, EU for quick delivery.

If you are a small vinyl pressing plant in EU, Matrisfabrik can be your own plating department for stampers.


We offer competitive pricing, high quality and flexible lead times for to keep your presses running.

VAT 0% prices for EU VAT registered companies.

1-step lacquer

80 €/side

  • Direct stamper from a lacquer cut
  • Silvering of your lacquer
  • Plating, finishing and forming of the stamper

2-step lacquer

120 €/side

  • Nickel father matrix
  • Nickel mother as a backup
  • Father matrix formed to pressing stamper

DMM or additional

60 €/side

  • Direct stamper from a DMM copper cut
  • Additional stamper from a nickel mother
  • Several copies possible without further steps


Matrisfabrik AB

VAT ID FI32741348

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy talk everything stampers and vinyl.

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